Dormisette Protect & Care - A program „all around healthy sleep“ masterfully connecting the aspects functionality, health and wellness. Made in Germany.


High quality products with fabrics of pure cotton yarn, elaborate processing and attractive packaging - all at very competitive prices.

The Dormisette mattress covers, fitted sheets and pillow covers reliably protect both mattresses and pillows against contamination as well as wearout and prolong their life. Nothing stands in the way of a hygienic sleep.


The Premium line of Dormisette combines excellent quality with maximum comfort. Waterproof products with highly breathable functional membranes are particularly in the foreground.

Take advantage of special breathability and profit from an optimal sleeping environment. 

Treat yourself only with the best!


For breathability requires special membranes as well as special selective bonding techniques and tissue in order to obtain the air permeability of the membranes as far as possible. Material and production for this are considerably more complex and more expensive than for conventional waterproof pads.

All breathable Dormisette products have been tested and confirmed by the independent Hohenstein Institute (Certificate Number HL 09.4.6399).


All products can be viewed and purchased via our B2B Shop. We are looking forward for your visit!