Founded in 1946, Leon Kremer AG is today one of the leading manufactures and importers of all kinds of textiles for bed and bath in Switzerland. 

The extensive collection holds: 

  • bedding

  • fitted sheets

  • terry towels

  • beach towels

  • plaids and blankets

  • kitchen towels

The clientele consists of department store chains, mailorder companies, specialty shops and supermarkets. The company is located in Geroldswil ZH in a modern business complex with approx. 1500 square feet of offices and storage facilities. Our own factory and logistics center are located in Rumania



  • Kremer GmbH
    Rauschenberg, Germany
    Founded in 1993, Kremer GmbH is conscientiously servicing
    some of the leading department stores and mailorder catalogs
    within Germany and neighboring countries.


    Since the beginning of 1998 Leon Kremer has been entrusted
    with the sales and distribution of the brand ESPRIT home,
    with now approx. 200 point of sales throughout Switzerland.


  • Intex SA
    Headquarters in Nasaud, Romania

  • Kaeppel
    Headquarters in Augsburg, Germany




  • KAS
    Headquarters in Sydney, Australia


  • Vossen GmbH & Co. KG
    Headquarters in Jennersdorf, Österreich
    Partner for brands Bugatti, Esprit (terrycloth) & Vossen


  • Westfälische Textil-Gesellschaft (WTG)
    Headquarters in Salzkotten, Germany


  • Wülfing
    Headquarters in Borken, Germany
    Partner for “Dormisette Protect & Care”


Quality management

Laboratory testing in production and then again once goods have arrived in our warehouse. 
Inspection teams hired by us, always present on the production site, checking the production 
at every step. Most of our partners are ISO-9001 certified. Our employees work according to 
ISO-9001:2000-1 and are continuously trained.



What we have promised, we will deliver. We will do everything necessary to make sure that 
our customers receive impeccable, high quality goods as ordered on time.


Company policy

The customer is the most important visitor in our house. 
The customer does not depend on us but we depend on him. 
The customer does not disturb us in our work, he is the reason of our work. 
The customer is doing us a great favour in letting us serve him.



Trust and honesty in all our dealings with our employees, customers and suppliers. 
Open communication with our employees, customers and suppliers. 
Encouragement and continuous training of our employees. 
Responsible use of paper and energy within the company, recycling of all disposable 
materials. We secure that our suppliers do not practice child labour and that 
their employees are working under ethical acceptable working conditions, 
trying continuously to work with our suppliers in the direction of having them SA-8000 certified.


How to find us



Central office in Geroldswil, ZH, Switzerland: